Laughter: Enemy of Stress

Everyday problems, like work pressure and family responsibilities, can get us down and cause unnecessary stress. Stress isn't always a big deal. But chronic stress can lead to serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure or heart attack. Many studies have suggested that a good laugh may be the key to decreasing elevated stress levels. Apart from improving your … Continue reading Laughter: Enemy of Stress

Social Connectedness and Its Impact on Diet

TIME STAMP: 1 MINUTE READ Posted by Trista Chan There's no question that building and nurturing relationships can bring joy and overall feelings of happiness.  What many overlook is that it can also promote better physical health, a lower chance of developing mental illnesses, and increased job opportunities. Research has shown that belonging to a … Continue reading Social Connectedness and Its Impact on Diet

Connecting Authentically to Improve Relationships

Posted by Abena Osei-Kwabena Do you experience that nervous jittery feeling when talking to new people? Do you find that holding a conversation with strangers at casual events is as challenging as mountain climbing? Well, socializing doesn’t come naturally to all, but it is certainly an important skill that will serve you your whole life. … Continue reading Connecting Authentically to Improve Relationships