Get Active Outdoors This Summer

Written by Leila Dale (3 min read) Moving your workout outside this summer may increase the amount of physical activity you do, without you even realizing it! Research has shown that people who exercise outdoors did significantly more moderate-to vigorous-intensity physical activity than those who only exercised indoors. As mentioned in my previous post, being … Continue reading Get Active Outdoors This Summer

What’s Your Tax IQ?

Written by Team Optimity (3 min read) When it comes to your income taxes, are you a do-it-yourself tax wiz, or do you prefer to let a professional take care of it all?  Do you know the difference between a T3 and T5? Do you know which expenses related to working from home you can, and … Continue reading What’s Your Tax IQ?

Ontario Coronavirus Update (June 7, 2021)

In this series, we'll be providing Ontario public health and health care updates on the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to learn more about COVID-19 vaccination, COVID-19 response, and all COVID-19 information. Thanks to the ongoing success of Ontario’s vaccine rollout and continuing improvements in key public health and health system indicators, our government, in consultation with the … Continue reading Ontario Coronavirus Update (June 7, 2021)

Pride Across Canada!

Written by Team Optimity (3 min read) June marks Pride Month. This summer, across the country, towns and cities will be celebrating diversity and inclusion by hosting LGBTQ2+ Pride parades, events, and weeks. Today, pride events are celebrations of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Rainbow coloured flags wave in store fronts, bank buildings, and major streets. … Continue reading Pride Across Canada!

3 Ways Everyone Can Celebrate Father’s Day

Written by Yuki Hayashi (3 min read) One of my family’s most memorable Father’s Days was The Day of the Leeches. That’s the Father’s Day we took our then-6-or-7-year old fishing. A standard-issue Canadian Father’s Day, right? Not really: my husband hates fishing and he only went to be a good sport. I took on … Continue reading 3 Ways Everyone Can Celebrate Father’s Day