Women Inspiring Women: Andria Gillis

This month, we’ll be hearing from inspiring women in our network and sharing their stories. We’re passionate about supporting women, especially in their health and wellness journeys. Read on to get top tips for living, working, and playing optimally from women trailblazers.

Profile: Andria Gillis

Tell us about yourself.

I’m an Executive and Leadership Development Coach. I work with individuals and teams to support their emotional and social intelligence. I founded People Lab in 2019 because I wanted to build a company that supported organizations to fundamentally recognize the value of the people working for them. To support them to be great leaders and deepen their impact. All through a lens of compassion, curiosity and candour.

If you asked my friends and colleagues you would know that I’m a connector. She brings people together. I shows up for them with compassion and literally and figuratively create spaces to gather.

I have 20+ years of leadership experience in small and midsize organizations, including a few of my own.

My pivot to coaching wasn’t dramatic. I’d always cared about my teams and their goals and prioritized employee engagement and fulfillment. In training and practicing as a professional certified coach, I have deepened those skills, and rekindled a passion for learning. Ask me about the emerging science of emotions and how our brains work if you want to hear me nerd out for a while.

When I’m not coaching, I’m raising my seven year old and imagining our next adventure.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement?

My biggest personal achievement is taking a leap of faith and starting my own company, doing something I love. I love that I connect daily with incredible people doing incredible things.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Listen to your gut, cultivate amazing friendships and say yes to more.

How do you stay productive and be your best self at work?

I’ve been self employed for almost a decade, so what’s important to stay productive is to ask myself a question throughout the day, that helps me get clear. “Am I being the person I want to be right now”

What’s your top mental health tip for when the going gets tough?

Take breaks! The temptation is always to work and work to exhaustion, but take a page from elite athletes. Focus on recovery time. It’s just as important for working on big ideas as it is training for an event. Build it into your calendar, and keep those appointments with yourself.

What are your top health hacks?

Before sleep, take 3 minutes and reflect on the day – what new thing did I try today? What’s one thing I’m grateful for? What’s one thing I will do tomorrow to grow as a person? Then I put on a sleep mediation like Yoga Nidra and I’m out.

How do you ensure your personal and/or family’s financial wellness?

Keep learning and keep investing.

What’s your favorite fun activity?

Camping and being outdoors with friends.

Who are your female role models and why?

Layla Saad – doing powerful work in anti-racism and white supremacy

Brene Brown – shining a light on shame and vulnerability,

Jean Teillet – Canadian Author and Lawyer – Showed me what a complete career pivot could be.

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