Women Inspiring Women: Andrea Sousa

This month, we’ll be hearing from inspiring women in our network and sharing their stories. We’re passionate about supporting women, especially in their health and wellness journeys. Read on to get top tips for living, working, and playing optimally from women trailblazers.

Profile: Andrea Sousa

Tell us about yourself.

I’m the Head of Client Operations at Optimity.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Take more risks. Don’t be afraid to follow an unconventional path because there are no “rules”. Take all the time you need in school, broaden your coursework, uncover what’s personally interesting to you, study and live abroad, play sports collegiately, and travel often. Oh and don’t play basketball with college students when you’re in your late 20s – you might tear your Achilles.

How do you stay productive and be your best self at work?

I think having positive relationships with colleagues and clients above all else. Also, time-blocking, setting deadlines for myself, and using a standing desk are hacks that help to keep me focused.

What’s your top mental health tip for when the going gets tough?

Getting outside in nature, eating clean, keeping a routine, and calling my grandmother 🙂

What are your top health hacks?

Giving myself permission to do short workouts, even if it’s 10 mins, rather than feeling I need to commit to a full hour has been game changing for me. I’m far more likely to actually do it! Also, making fun playlists to workout to, meal prep Sundays, reading before bed, and keeping my apartment really, really cold, especially during the night.

What’s your favorite fun activity?

Active adventures with friends, watching sports, and listening to podcasts.

Who are your female role models and why?

Dr. Robin Berzin MD, founder at Parsley Health, for working to democratize functional medicine, a cause in which I’m passionate about it.
The entire US women’s national soccer team for their courageous fight for equal pay and inspiring young female athletes everywhere.
Michelle Obama for her powerful speeches and launching the Let Girls Learn initiative.

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