Women Inspiring Women: Lara Zink

This month, we’ll be hearing from inspiring women in our network and sharing their stories. We’re passionate about supporting women, especially in their health and wellness journeys. Read on to get top tips for living, working, and playing optimally from women trailblazers.

Profile: Lara Zink

Tell us about yourself.

President & CEO of Women in Capital Markets.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement?

Leading a purpose-driven organization is my biggest achievement to date. But I’m also proud that my 2 teenagers are happy and good students.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

The person you chose as a partner in life is one of the most important decisions you will make. Travel together and test drive for a few years.

How do you stay productive and be your best self at work?

Always start your day with the toughest tasks.

What’s your top mental health tip for when the going gets tough?

7 hour sleeps minimum, and get lots of fresh air to clear your head.

What are your top health hacks?

Schedule your work outs and treat it like a really important meeting and eat lots of protein – plant based if you are a vegetarian or vegan – so you don’t snack on junk.

How do you ensure your personal and/or family’s financial wellness?

Budget and understand that asset allocation drives 90% of your return over the long-run.

What’s your favorite fun activity?

Skiing – snow and water.

Who are your female role models and why?

Julia Gillard is an inspirational political leader who has taught us a lot about gender differences in leadership | Melinda Gates and her book, The Moment of Lift, defines women empowerment around the world | Maya Angelou passionately defended the rights of women, young people & the ignored. She was never afraid to speak her mind.

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