How Optimity Helped Predict Episodes of Depression  

I got in touch with one of our power users, Paul, to find out how Optimity has helped him in his everyday life. We asked him about how he found Optimity and what made him keep coming back to the app.

Paul is a 59-year-old IT Specialist who found Optimity back in 2017 while looking for a gamified health app. He needed a digital wellness solution that would link him to scientific health content, and helpful nudges that would remind him to take care of himself without being too “naggy”.

“I’m always busy with work and I needed something that would help me find time for myself”.   

Paul, who suffers from depression, found that Optimity helped his self-care techniques and his overall well being. The app allowed Paul to focus on looking after himself at a time when no other solutions had seemed to work.

“Depression sneaks up on people and health tracking is usually a good indicator of when a depressive episode is starting”.

Paul has said that he is a healthy guy who enjoys being able to integrate his health-tracking wearable devices with the Optimity app. Optimity has become his one stop shop for all his wellness needs and reminders. He’s hopeful about keeping his health concerns at bay and continues to use micro-activities to boost his mood and productivity.

Paul is excited to see the new social feed within the app. He loves the current feed that lets you “like” and give “kudos” to other community members but he’s really looking forward to the ability to start conversations with likeminded people who enjoy being healthy.

We appreciate Paul taking the time to speak to us about his Optimity experience, and we are delighted that he is able to manage his health through the app. Great job, Paul!


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