Positive Psychology For Your Well-Being

Posted by Abena Osei-Kwabena

You probably already know that a positive attitude and generally feeling good is linked to better health, a longer life and improved well-being overall.  The opposite is also true as harbouring negative feelings and anger can pose negative side-effects on your body, like increasing your risk of developing heart disease.
Psychological wellbeing is a concept that encompasses a well-managed, balanced and a broad experience of life. Positive psychology shows positive feelings which are correlated with a healthy lifestyle, happiness and endurance while overcoming psychological issues like anxiety, stress, anger, depression and hatred.
The three pillars of positive psychology are:


1. Positive sentiments

These include wellbeing, optimism and encouraging feelings.
2. Positive characteristics
These are a person’s passion, interests, inspirations, intelligence and determinations.

3. Positive institution

This includes a positive group of families, friends, business partners, communities and society at large.
By analysing the system following these three pillars, the comprehensive wave of positive sentiments can help us take a step forward towards understanding our welfare. The advantages of positive psychology echo long, even though the temporary happiness has faded. Positive emotions and feelings amplify over time and place people on the path of growth.
There are countless advantages which positive psychology offers. It makes us  enables us to build trust and sympathy towards others, acts as a barrier against depression and stress, helps us overcome negative feelings, gaining flexibility and creativity and helping to build strong rapport.
To attain the power of positive psychology and boost your wellbeing, there are few things which can be done:
Recognise what thoughts and beliefs you hold for yourself. You can gain acceptance of yourself when you realise that you don’t need to change for others. Self-recognition relates to that feeling of satisfaction and happiness that you hold without the involvement of anyone else.
Always welcome new interests and their potential to help you develop further as a person. Being inquisitive and having a desire to grow can help with self-development and provides you with a feeling of contentment.
Always have a clear vision and mission in mind to achieve. Achieving your objectives fosters positive feelings which have extensive benefits.
One of the  greatest approaches to nurturing our happiness is to improve our relationships. The feeling of care, trust, love, respect will aid in your progress, and receiving support from others will give you a feeling of connectedness and engagement.

If you’re looking to boost your own wellbeing or that of your company, then positive psychology is the way to go. In addition to looking after your physical health and diet, your mental, emotional, and social health are important aspects of your wellbeing that you need to look after.

A holistic health program, like Optimity uses  positive psychology to harness the power of contentment, mindfulness and internal potency which will help you find wellbeing and happiness. Try incorporating these tips into your daily life and see what a positive impact it can have for you!

Abena is a Client Services Associate at Optimity. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a BSc in Global Health. She is passionate about human rights and health education, and hopes to develop tailored interventions to combat health inequities around the globe. Her interests include story writing, camping and exploring different cultures on her travels.

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