Paul Boston - Guest

Paul Boston is the president of Actus Performance Inc., a high-performance development firm.

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Small Changes, Big Results

Posted by Paul Boston - Guest on July 7, 2016


Very often organizations fall into a trap of making “big changes for big results”. This approach to operating can have a devastating impact for the organization, by creating high levels of stress amongst its employees and causing instability within their industry.

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What Gen Y Teaches Us About Performance

Posted by Paul Boston - Guest on June 15, 2016

Gen Y is now entering the workforce and questioning some of the traditional management and leadership styles. As a result, they often receive some unflattering labels, such as “needy” or “entitled”. Often these labels have nothing to do with Gen Y, as there have always been needy and entitled people within organizations. If we stop and look past the labels, Gen Y might be actually teaching us how to improve workplace performance. In fact, they might have a significant role in redefining and elevating human performance within many organizations.

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