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Join the #SLEEPrevolution

Posted by Emily Guterres on May 23, 2016



It was April 6th, 2007, when Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post Media Group, awoke on the floor of her office lying in a pool of her own blood. Having collapsed from pure exhaustion, Huffington hit her head off her desk, broke her cheekbone, and needed four stiches in her right eye. She deems this collapse to be “the rude awakening” that forced her to seek out medical help from various doctors, hoping she could find an explanation for the cause of this episode.

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Unlocking the Hidden Values of HR

Posted by Emily Guterres on May 19, 2016


You may have heard it before, “ HR is a cost center.” “What does your HR department do exactly?” At most times, the questions about HR’s value are not asked politely.

In 2016, engaged productive employees are the biggest investment and reap the greatest rewards. CEO’s are increasingly investing in health and wellness programs because it may be the single, most powerful enhancer of employee engagement. When business leaders recognize the remarkable benefits of a healthy workplace to the organization, they are more likely to commit the time and resources to support and implement the program.

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